We Draw Upon Space & Time

At Epoch Media we bring Data and Design together to create Marketing products that massively out-perform second-guessers and template re-hashers. That's because we create all of our products from scratch thanks to our in-depth research, analysis, creativity and experience.

Complete Mission Control

We plan for every eventuality, making sure all of your bases are covered. So we are proud to offer our clients a wide spectrum of design and development services that are perfect for a wide variety of business needs.








Fueled by Synergy

Every mission is different with its own set of unique challenges ahead, so we take the time to research and develop the perfect flight plan that is right for all missions and business types, saving you time, money and providing you with the cross-platform consistency your brand deserves.

Rocket on Launch pad
Rocket on Launch pad

Our Launch Programme

We cut out the middleman and allow our clients to speak directly with designers and developers from day one. We find Sales Reps are great for closing deals but rubbish when it comes providing clear, honest advice and establishing good communication with businesses. So we've streamlined and reduced the steps needed to make your business idea a reality.

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We listen and learn about your business needs, hopes and dreams and provide you with impartial advice to help you decide the perfect flight plan for your business.

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Bespoke R&D

First, we focus on understanding user behaviours, needs, and motivations through indepth industry research. Then apply our findings when putting together your design.

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Time for Launch

Once you’re happy with the development of your program, we make some last minute flight checks, prep the flight recorder and now it’s time for blast off!


3 Reasons to Choose Us

We're passionate about providing positive results for our clients, that's because we pour hours of care and attention to detail into each project. Below are a few statistics that are a result of our hard work and experience.

Increased Business Leads

We create detailed user engagement strategies that encourage visitors to interact and engage with your business.

Client Satisfaction

We work closely with our customers to generate possitive results that are in perfect harmony with your business needs.

Get Better Search Results

Our in-depth knowledge of search engine optimisation allows our clients to massively increase exposure.

Already own a Website?

Unhappy with the performance of your website? Then claim your Free Website Report worth £99. An experienced website designer will compile you a full report containing an action plan of cost-effective ways to improve sales, increase new leads and get better search results 100% free of charge.

We operate a no spam and no sharing information policy.

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We’re Based in North Devon

We’re a Barnstaple based digital agency that has over 10 years experience in the advertising, digital development and design industry.

North Devon is a great place to live with plenty of stunning locations to walk whilst generating those new ideas.
We're also looking to connect with new designers and developers in the Devon area, so why not give us a call and introduce yourself.

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Let Us Impress You

We understand that many businesses weigh up their options before making any commitment to an agency. We provide a wide variety of options and free advice to give you the clarity you so richly deserve.